Server Training (T.I.P.S.)

Server Training (T.I.P.S.)

We offer two different national server training programs:
ServeSafe Alcohol administered by The Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association, Chicago, IL

T.I.P.S.: Training for Intervention ProcedureS program developed by the company Health Communications, Inc., Arlington, VA.

We can also come into your place of business and conduct a short one hour seminar for your waitstaff to enlighten them on their responsibility in selling and serving alcoholic beverages.

Server Training Rates

Seminar For Free Pouring; (3 hour class/$250)
  • Rules for a Mixologist.
  • Measurements and Terminology. Bartending Equipment.
  • Different classes of drinks; Vermouth base, Carbonated & Juice based Highballs, Sours, Creams, Frozen and Tropical/Polynesian.
  • Procedures for making all cocktails and mixed drinks.
Additional Classes Offered: (3 hour class/$250)
  • Product Knowledge: Series of Lectures that cover the manufacture of all alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor and liqueurs).
  • Responsible service of alcohol (ServeSafe Alcohol or TIPS) One day seminar (9 am - 3:30 pm ~ $45 per person)
  • Management training to keep inventory control and Pouring Costs (PC) in line.
Additional Services Offered:
  • Redesign your bar for big bottles of liquor and the most efficient service.
  • Spotter service for inventory control (watching your bartenders for accuracy.)
  • Proper training for your Cocktail Servers and Barbacks.
All classes will be taught by Keith A. Purdy, Master Mixologist and owner of Southern Bartender Service, Charleston, S.C., a fully insured beverage catering service. Adjunct Instructor at Culinary Institute of Charleston, Trident Technical College and former Instructor of Mixology at Johnson & Wales University, Charleston, S.C.
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